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Landscape Institute – Local Green Infrastructure

The document includes an illustration and key diagrams showing examples of how local green infrastructure initiatives can create a network of essential and desirable services. It concludes with suggested opportunities for local actions that will contribute to multifunctional green infrastructure networks.
Landscape Institute, 2011.
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Trees and Design Action Group

The Trees Design Action Group (TDAG) brings together a pioneering group of individuals, professionals and organisations from wide ranging disciples in both the public and private sectors to increase awareness of the role of trees in the built environment..
TDAG, 2014.
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Environment Agency

The Environment Agency was established to protect and improve the environment and to contribute to sustainable development. Their website provides a host of information including a ‘first stop’ that explains the roles of the Environment Agency, along with Natural England and the Forestry Commission, in new developments.
Environment Agency, 2014.
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Natural England

Natural England is the government’s advisor on the natural environment. Among its responsibilities is providing advice to planners and developers to ensure the natural environment is conserved and enhanced through the planning system.
Natural England, 2014.
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Landscape Institute

The Landscape Institute is the Royal Chartered institute for landscape architects. The institute works with government to improve the planning, design and management of urban and rural landscape, particularly on green infrastructure
The Landscape Institute, 2014.
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