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  1. I am an arboriculturalist and probably we are more likely to be engaged in the planning process than foresters – but we are not mentioned.

    Is there a reason for this?



    1. Good point. I’ve changed some of the wording on the site to take this into account. The reason that the site initially focused on foresters was because it came out of the government’s forestry policy statement.

  2. Understood, pfhub, but still…………lower case and no professional attribute for the poor ol’ arb who as Ian says, often has more planning interaction than the forester?

  3. There is a spelling error here (commonly made).

    Arboriculturist is the correct spelling for someone who helps to cultivate and manage arboricultural assets – “arboriculturalist” is a common error in the spelling of this word (it has even appeared in books).

    Trivial point – but annoying if it can’t be spelt right. Teaching at a College, I often do the ‘floristry/forestry’ joke with the new students: it can lead to confusion if the wrong term is given – and internet searches will not find the right site.


  4. Interesting site, as I do a lot of planning work (being an Arboriculturist) I’ll keep an eye on this and see how useful it is to me. I’m not sure what is meant by a ‘professional attribute’ either but I would point out that Arboriculturists who are members of the ICF can, and do, refer to themselves as ‘Chartered Arboriculturists’.


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